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New vivaldi-skel-ask PET

March 03, 2023 — BarryK

I posted about a new Vivaldi SFS:

In EasyOS 5.0 (and earlier), the Internet category of the menu has "Download latest Firefox". After downloading, a new menu entry is created to run Firefox.

I like this for two reasons. Firstly, Firefox runs securely as user "firefox". Secondly, can choose "Download latest Firefox" to update to the latest version.

Yes, will be nice to do this for Vivaldi browser also. So it is now done.

You can choose "Download latest Vivaldi" from the menu, run Vivaldi as user "vivaldi", update whenever there is a new version. Also, can uninstall via the "pkg" desktop icon.

I haven't uploaded the '' yet. It will be builtin in the next release of EasyOS.

Here is the Vivaldi homepage:

So now have more browser choices. if you don't like Chromium, can download Firefox or Vivaldi.   

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