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Flatpak compiled in OE

April 06, 2023 — BarryK

Yesterday I posted about generating the gnupg signed-key-pair required by Flatpak:

...though, it didn't really have to be done in the initrd. That's how I did it in 2018, so left it like that, maybe there was a reason. But later on will probably generate the signed-key-pair after switch_root to the main filesystem.

I did compile Flatpak in OE, the Pyro-series, in 2018, posted about it here:

Now on the OE Kirkstone-series, have create a recipe:

...this is an experiment; have removed dependency on seccomp and polkit. I want it to be as basic as possible, initially anyway.

Good, Easy 5.2.1 already has all the dependencies, except for 'ostree', so added that to the package-list.

Will be testing it soon.

Note, there is a "meta-flatpak" layer for OpenEmbedded/Yocto:

...which looks overly complicated, to my eyes anyway. Using my own simple recipe, derived from the recipe in 2018 that resulted in a working Flatpak installation.

If you want to know what Flatpaks are all about:   

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