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User customization added to Flapi

May 11, 2023 — BarryK

Flapi, the Flatpak Installer, was in need of this: the user is now able to add entries.

Before getting onto that though, a report on more apps added to Flapi. Here is the previous report:

Have added some more:


The repository has about 2,000 apps, whereas Flapi only has a small selection. There is a need for users to be able to easily add more to Flapi. I have now implemented that capability. The main window now has a "Customize" button:


Click on the "Customize" button:


...these are simple fields to fill in. The way that you find the information is go to and find the page of the app that you want to install.

After clicking "Add", some checking of the entry-fields is performed, and an attempt to bring up the app page to verify that the "App ID" is correct. The page is brought up in the web browser, and a window asks if it is correct:


...if not OK, there is a return to the previous window. When you get all fields correct, the new app will appear in Flapi.

A technical note: In the above example of GoldenDict, the new entry will be a file, /usr/local/flatpak/custom/goldendict, which may be manually edited, and also deleted.

Furthermore, these files can be shared. You can post the 'goldendict' file at the forum, at this thread:

And others can download it to /usr/local/flatpak/custom, then when they start Flapi the new app will appear automatically. This is a very simple way to share Flatpaks. This will require the upcoming Easy 5.3.        

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