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More flatpaks added to the installer

May 05, 2023 — BarryK

On April 27, posted about adding more flatpaks to the Flapi installer:

Then posted that problems with flatpaks fixed with fscrypt v2:

For the upcoming Easy 5.3, going ahead and adding more. I still have to test them. Added about another 25, and one failed -- Zoom was that one failure. Zoom just showed a blank window, no error message at the terminal.

Here they are on the desktop, a couple of these were in Flapi previously:


Just now, did "du -m /mnt/wkg/flatpak" as that is where they are installed, and got a total of 17275, that's about 17GB. Yikes!

Yes, that's the downside of flatpaks. So, you need a generous data allowance with your telco, and reasonable download speed. If that is the case, then I favour flatpaks over appimages, due to superior fundamental principles ...appimages are quite flakey.   

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