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AQEMU GUI for QEMU compiled in OE

July 17, 2023 — BarryK

This morning I posted about compiling QtEmu:

Prior to that, I had tried a few other GUIs for QEMU, with limited success. I did try AQEMU, but it crashed at startup, with "Segmentation fault". The official project is here:

...but the latest source from there crashes. I also tried version 0.9.4 from here, which also crashed at startup:

The Debian package maintainers are still on 0.9.2, but with several patches:

So, that's the one I compiled and it works.

EasySetup will now offer a choice of QtEmu or AQEMU in the "Virtual Machines" category. AQEMU looks like the best bet, with more features and documentation. Here is some documentation for AQEMU:

Here is the recipe in OE to compile AQEMU:    

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