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The return of Flowblade

August 02, 2023 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about compiling Shotcut in OE, but unfortunately the app is still broken:

So, the thoughts turned to the alternatives. Kdenlive is a KDE-based app and much too big, even if I could manage to compile it. Then remembered Flowblade, that I tested in January 2022 and really liked:

The problem was, it crashed when tried to do a transition.

Flowblade is written in Python, and uses a lot of packages that are compiled in OE, such as 'mlt'. I haven't bumped any of those versions in OE since January 2022, have just bumped Flowblade to the latest version,, and... great, it works, transitions work!

Here is the Flowblade homepage:


Haven't done much with it yet, just put two clips into a timeline, did a transition, then rendered. Found it very easy to use.

I have created a PET package, with the documentation local, same as available online:

The intention is that Flowblade will be builtin in the next release of EasyOS. I have a personal interest in this, as intending to get into creating videos for YouTube. Want the video editor to be builtin, not have to install a separate package.

Only two dependencies are missing, 'gmic' and 'swh-plugins', that provide extra effects. Flowblade detects G'MIC missing at startup, so gracefully handles its absence. Don't yet know if the absence of swh-plugins is gracefully handled.

Flowblade and its deps increase 'easy.sfs' by 19MB; I can live with that. Quite reasonable size.    

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