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Fix convert Void pkg db to Puppy db format

September 03, 2023 — BarryK

Previous post about supporting Void Linux .xbps packages:

Have now got the '0setup', '1download' and '2createpackages' scripts to work in woofQ.

One problem is that support/void/ (called from void0setup) performs an incomplete db conversion. '' is written in awk, that I have less than rudimentary capability with. I know that the awk language is wonderful, and have always intended to learn more about it. Anyway, I fixed a couple of db issues by putting in some extra code in '0setup':

...removed libraries from the dependencies field, inserted categories instead of "uncategorized". It would also be good to have the correct release-number, instead of "1" but didn't implement that.

A few other small changes, here are the commits to date:

Right now, stopped at a challenge. woofQ does not support "usr-merge", so I have to figure out how to support that. Currently this is causing failures in '3buildeasydistro'.       

Tags: easy