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Two-shock design with curved rod

November 18, 2023 — BarryK

This post is a continuation of the previous post:

It looks like there is a problem with slider on a straight rod; when lean to the side, there will be a tendency to pull more to the side. This will require more effort to ride in a straight line, as there may be a tendency to pull to the side.

This is a variation, with curved rod. If I have been able to get my head around how this will work in practice, it looks like the curved rod will correct for the rendency to pull to the side. Here it is with the slider pushed so that the trike is leaning:


...the drawing looks like it has two rods. The bottom one is just a path for SolveSpace, for the slider to move along.

Here are the SolveSpace files, first with straight rod, second with curved rod (with false ".gz" appended):



...note, if you want to experiment with pushing the slider, you will need to delete the "H" that can be seen just above the rod. That is a horizontal constraint.

I have another variation of the design in mind, will post about that soon.

Here is the next variation:      

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