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Two-shock design with swinging steering linkage

November 18, 2023 — BarryK

Continuing the design of two shock absorbers in the front suspension of a custom leaning trike. Here are the previous two posts:

The idea behind the curved-rod is for the steering to tend to go naturally back to driving straight, without any lean. The same effect can be achieved by a swinging linkage, like this:

img1 is a T-shape, hinged at the bottom. It would be linked (somehow) to the steering, so turning to the side will swivel on the hinge, like this:


...the natural tendency will be to return to driving straight.

As far as handling road bumps, it will handle up to 75mm (3 inch) bumps.

I had rejected this design before, due to potential kickback into the steering mechanism. However, that can be mitigated by a dampener and some flexibility in the steering linkages. Of course, those country roads that I have previously posted photos of, where both wheels will hit the same ripple, the kickbacks will cancel out.

Here is the latest SolveSpace file (with false ".gz" appended):


This design has one big advantage compared with the curved-rod; it is simpler and easier to build.   

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