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woofV installing packages into the rootfs

February 02, 2024 — BarryK

Continuing developing woofV, which is a complete rewrite of "Woof". Previous post, describing splitting packages into exe|dev|doc components:

I am gradually writing the scripts that will build the complete rootfs, ready to be converted to 'easy.sfs'. These scripts get executed, in order -- '1dl-start-pkgs', '2create-start-rootfs' and '3populate-rootfs':

The heavy-lifter is the last one, '3populate-rootfs'. What it does is install all of the packages into folder 'rootfs', which includes PET, Kirkstone and Void packages -- and all done by the XBPS package management system.

'3populate-rootfs' calls 'template-fix', 'symlinks-fix' and 'pkg-split' in folder 'pkg-fix':

'3populate-rootfs' also calls 'findwoofinstalledpkgs', 'sort-dep-order' and 'pet2xbps' in folder 'support':

Only bits and pieces of these scripts have been tested. I intend to just keep coding; write the whole thing, then test it.   

Tags: easy