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EasyOS going back to Chromium builtin

May 11, 2024 — BarryK

EasyOS 5.8 and 5.8.1 have Firefox as the builtin web browser. I do want to support Firefox, as the only remaining non-Chrome browser; however, there are things about it that annoy me too much.

Mostly, I still have the problem of the menu locking up. I posted about that in December 2023, with a photo:

The main reason that I switched to Firefox from Chromium, is no longer able to compile Chromium in OpenEmbedded, at least not in the Kirkstone-series as clang is too old. But, can still compile Firefox.

The xz-compressed Chromium package compiled in OE, last time I did compile it, is 93MB. I checked the official x86_64 package provided by Google; downloaded as a .zip file, that I repackaged as .xz, and it is 109MB. Bigger, because it is using less of the host system shared libraries. I can live with that bigger size.

Here are the recent woofQ commits:

One thing to note, it does not have the Google API keys. Personally, I have never missed their absence.

Note that you will be able to update Chromium any time you want, via "Download latest Chromium" entry in the "Internet" category of the menu. This will download the latest Google build.

You will still be able to use Firefox of course. It is available for download via the "Internet" menu category.  

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