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Flatpak 1.15.6 compiled in OE

June 15, 2024 — BarryK

The Scarthgap-series is a whole new ball game. Version 6.0-RC1 was recently released:

Lots of updated packages; however, I left 'flatpak' at version 1.12.8, same as in Kirkstone.

In Kirkstone, there was a reason for staying with 1.12.x, as 1.13 and later moved from 'appstream-glib' dependency to 'appstream', and I was unable to compile the latter.

OE Scarthgap has now included a recipe for appstream that works, and have compiled flatpack 1.15.6.

It does mean there will have to be a 6.0-RC2, to test this.     

Tags: easy