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Streamripper helper in StreamTuner2

July 03, 2024 — BarryK

I posted about StreamTuner2 yesterday:

Recording was a problem. When I clicked on the "Record" button, a terminal window would briefly pop up, immediately disappear. I found out later that most of the radio stations fail to record, that is, streamripper fails.

The window flashing momentarily is not very helpful. Fortunately, Axel Hahn has come to the rescue:

I have integrated this into the StreamTuner2 PET. Note, the PET is also customized for EasyOS. Now, if there is a fail to record, the terminal window stays up, with diagnostic information. This one works, and records the songs:


I just now checked -- can record and play at the same time.

Have decided StreamTuner2 will be in the next release of EasyOS. Will keep the old pupRadio, as it is very small and some people like it.    

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