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The Puppy project is not just me (Barry Kauler). We now have an incredibly enthusiast band of developers, and there is so much going on, even I have trouble keeping up with everything -- well, I can't. This page used to be a static list of suggested projects, that I occasionally updated. But, it was always outdated and incomplete, so I have reorganised it into a list of links to further information.

There is so much happening! Project management is quasi-random, rather like Linus's description of the Linux kernel as being unplanned, just evolving day by day. Not unplanned exactly, rather, not formally managed. So, look around, follow the HOWTO and tutorial links to learn more about Puppy, and follow the links to specific projects and project suggestions to get ideas how to become involved...


Please read this page: How the Puppy project is run

Technical basics

How Puppy works -- overview of the underlying architecture
How to compile applications -- setting up C/C++/FreeBasic compiling
How to compile kernel drivers for Puppy

Puppy From Scratch -- compiling Puppy from source
Puppy Unleashed -- creating custom Puppies from binary packages
My News Blog -- follow Puppy's evolution day-by-day
Package management -- how the package management system works
Theme management -- how the "eye candy" is managed
PET packages -- our new unified package format
Dialup Internet: how it works -- our new automatic setup for modems
Kernel module loading -- how modules load at bootup
Event management -- how hotplugging works
Woof -- the next generation after Puppy Unleashed

Current projects

Puppy Forum -- the main place to find out what is happening and to get involved.

Useful technical links -- "GRUB from the ground up" -- "HOWTO share files and folders between computers" -- "How I do fonts in Puppy" -- "ALSA fix for legacy sound cards in Puppy2"

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