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This page is your gateway to everything Puppy-related on the Intenet. This includes download, other Puppy-derivative distros, package repositories, documentation sites, you name it.

Download Puppy


This link is to the "official" download page. You will need to follow other links below to obtain Puppy-derivative distros. The offical Puppy distro is hosted by ibiblio.org -- I am extremely grateful to these guys. See their home page:

Puppy-related web sites

Since I started this project in 2003, Puppy has proliferated. There are puplets (Puppy-derivatives), documentation sites, extra download sites, developer support sites. Knowing what's out there is quite a challenge, hence this page...
IMPORTANT: This list does not imply official sanction or otherwise by myself. It is simply a list of what I found on the Internet. Further legal notes at the bottom of this page.

This is the "official" Puppy Linux website, created and maintained by myself, Barry Kauler. Hosted by hostgator.com. This is where you are now.

This is the main Community-supported Puppy website. This site is a wiki, where Puppy-users can post feedback, news and documentation. This is not a download site due to limited bandwidth. The guys managing this site are Puppian, Lobster and Raffy, and all are welcome to contribute.

Oli started this, as a place for documentation about Puppy. It has User Manuals in many languages.

Eric (caneri) started this site in September 2007 to provide space and bandwidth to the Puppy Linux community. Members use this site as a Canadian download server to host various Puppy derivatives, DotPups, PETs, SFS and ISO files. Administrators include MU, tombh, and prit1.

grafpup.com (and grafpup.org)
Nathan has created a Puppy-derivative distribution called Grafpup, that specialises in graphics editors plus other innovations.

Mark is providing this site to host various Puppy-derivatives and as an extra download site. He has a large collection of DotPups.

E. Moulinier has created a French-language Puppy-derivative called Toutou Linux ("toutou" means "puppy"!).

Hacao has created a Puppy-derivative named "Hacao Linux", in the Vietnamese language.

These guys love the old 1.xx Puppy series, due to it's smaller size, other lightweight features and the 2.4 kernel. The site has information about 1.xx and ISOs to download.

Other Puppy derivatives
There are too many of them to link to directly from here, also some die, new ones appear. Many also do not have their own sites but rely on others to host. This link is to a Forum page with links to all the current puplets. The logo on the left was created by Mark (based on an original photograph of Vincent) and is used by Raffy and Paul for MiniPup.

Extra packages for your Pup
The first place to start is click the "Install" icon on the desktop (see logo on left), and the first to look through are the official PET packages (hosted on ibiblio.org). There are also DotPup packages to choose from. But, if you need to look further, click the above link.

Independent reviews
There have been many reviews of Puppy published, some in printed magazines. This link is to a wiki page with links to online reviews. The logo on the left is a thumbs-up from itreviews.co.uk.

This site has been created by "Rhino" and has video tutorials for Puppy. These are created by an application called "Wink" and anyone is invited to contribute. Note, currently most of the available videos are for the Puppy 1.x series.

Useful Linux links
There are many Linux sites that are very useful, such as news, latest applications, kernel developments. This is a links page to the rest of the Linux universe.

The above list of Puppy-related sites are in no particular order, and the list is not yet complete.
Legal notes
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  2. The site 'puppylinux-foundation.com' does not have any connection with the proposed "Puppy Linux Foundation". Its listing here is in its capacity as a site supporting Puppy 1.xx series, with the undersanding that its listing here does not compromise any prior claim to usage of "Puppy Linux Foundation" by the concerned parties.
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