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There is a vast accumulation of information about about Puppy on the web, but this page mostly has links on this site, The focus of the links on this page are for the end-user, like how to install Puppy, how to get a printer working, change the background image and so on. These icons will take you to further sources of information:

 Indepth technical pages

Home page

 Links to the rest of the Puppy universe

NOTE: If you have a particular question it is highly recommended that you search first for the answer before resorting to asking a question on one of the Puppy forums. Even on a forum, you should first perform a search as most likely your question has already been answered.

Frequently Asked Questions. This is the recommended first stop, as some of the most-asked and vital questions are answered here.

Developer News
The creator of Puppy Linux, Barry Kauler, maintains a daily news log. This started with the very first Puppy in June 2003 so has a lot of information. Mostly those with some involvement in development and testing read this.

Community News
This off-site but most useful. The Puppy-community, meaning anyone involved with Puppy, maintains this news page. Great place to find out about news in the wider Puppy-universe.

Forums, chat
These are places where you interact. The main Puppy Linux forum is a daily haunt for hundreds of Puppy-lovers. You don't go here just to ask a question, it's more about getting involvolved, joining our community.

Getting Puppy
Go here for instructions on how to obtain Puppy, with download links. The Puppy-file that you download is designed to be burnt to a CD or DVD, and your computer is then able to "boot" from it -- this is also explained.

Installing Puppy
Puppy runs on any media, USB Flash, USB hard drive, ZIP, internal hard drive, CD, DVD. When you have Puppy running, usually off a CD or DVD, it is then extremely easy to install to any of these media.

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