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I must say I think Puppy is more amazing than the initial impression you get. *

Download live-Puppy: ready-to-go bootable CD

A complete operating system with suite of GUI apps, only about 70 - 190MB and boots directly off the CD (or USB, SD, hard drive, etc.).

Announcement by Barry Kauler

In late September 2013, I retired from the leadership role with Puppy Linux. Puppy is now developed by a community of enthusiasts.

Please go here for announcements of the latest releases of Puppy, with download links:

I am still "playing around" with Linux, and am currently developing a fork of Puppy named Quirky Linux, which is a venue to try out new ideas. Quirky news and release announcements are posted here:

Please note that, unlike Puppy, Quirky is not primarily a "live-CD". Instead, a file is provided for writing to a USB stick, SD-card, or hard drive partition.

Check download integrity

Here is the MSDOS application for doing a checksum (note, Linux has an equivalent):

md5sum.exe (right-click to download)

To check "puppy-4.3.iso" for example:

C> md5sum puppy-4.3.iso

CD burner software

If your PC has a CD-burner drive, it will have come with software. If you find it confusing and cannot figure out how to correctly burn a ISO file to CD, then check this out:

Active contributor on the Puppy Forum, GuestToo, has discovered an application called BurnCDCC (for Windows), that is specifically designed to burn ISO files to CDs. It does nothing else, so it is very easy to use. The URL is:

Update: active forum contributor Jason b. c. has found another free CD/DVD burner program for Windows. It's name is ImgBurn and the URL is:

Alternatively, if you already have an earlier version of Puppy running, you are in luck, as Puppy has heaps of programs for burning to CD and DVD. I recommend Burniso2cd, available in the "Multimedia" menu.

Warning: If you want to create a multisession-DVD, you must use one of the DVD-burner programs in Puppy or another Linux. I currently do not know of any Windows burner program that will burn a DVD correctly for multisession use.

Download the source packages

The core files for Puppy 4.x, Quirky and Wary were created using the T2-project build system. The T2-Puppy project is described in the Puppy From Scratch page. This is a set of build scripts that download all the source packages from the T2 repositories and compiles them. The complete list of packages used in Puppy is in the Puppy From Scratch page, also you can find the exact list for any particular release of Puppy in the file /root/.packages/woof-installed-packages (or /root/.packages/packages.txt for versions prior to 4.3) of your running Puppy.

Any source package can be downloaded directly from the T2 repositories:

Note, for Puppy 2.x, the above URLs should be to directory '6.0'. Puppy 2.xx uses the gcc and glibc packages from:

Note, for Puppy 4.x, the above T2 URLs should be to directory '7.0'.

Puppy uses some packages that are not in the T2 repositories. The sources can be found at one of the following: username: pu#p#py password: li#n#ux (remove #) (various temporary source and binary pkgs here)

If you need kernel source it is at the above sources sites. The patches are provided but I also have provided pre-patched kernel source ready for compiling. Before compiling the kernel or modules for the kernel, you must read the How to compile the kernel page.

Note, it is possible to go through the entire sequence of compiling from source in T2, then use the Woof build system to build your own puppy. This is for experienced Linux developers only and no hand-holding is provided. Forum member 'kirk' has been through this exercise and may provide advice. But again I emphasize, experienced developers only!
Note also, the Woof build system enables you to build a puppy from various distros binary packages (including Ubuntu, Debian, Arch and Slackware).

I love this distro! Barry, this is obviously a labor of love; there's not enough money in the world to pay someone to do what you have done. *

*   Extract from Puppy Discussion Forum.
(c) Copyright 2006-2010 Barry Kauler
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