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The links on ths page are to documentation of a technical nature. This includes information of interest to the end-user as well as the Puppy-developer. There is some overlap, but general information is a separate category, to be found here:

  General information and news

Installing Puppy
If you want to know more about how to install Puppy, different media and so on, well, this is usually very simple to do, but can get very technical if there are difficulties. Sometimes getting a USB Flash drive to boot can be difficult, or configuring GRUB.

Package management
The term "package" in Linux refers to an application that you can download and install. It's a single "zipped" file that contains all the files needed to make the application work. This link gives you a technical overview of the package management system used in Puppy.

Theme management
This refers to all the "eye candy", the colors and images that make Puppy look good. If you are interested in creating themes for Puppy, please read this page.

Compiling applications
If you would like to download and compile a source package, or even compile the Linux kernel, it is very easy to setup Puppy for source code compiling.

Programming languages
You want to get involved in coding for Puppy, but what language to use? What tools/aids are available? This pages helps make the choice.

How Puppy works
Would you like to know what makes Puppy tick "under the hood"? This link has a overview of the underlying architecture.

Modules and events
Puppy has a unique system for loading and setting up modules and handling of hotplug and other system events.

Developer section
Okay, this is getting hard-core. If you want to get involved in the development of Puppy go here.

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