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The resurrection of GOOSEE Diagrammer

March 12, 2020 — BarryK

Back in 1999, I wrote a book, titled "Flow design for embedded systems", published in the USA by R&D Books. It describes a diagramming technique that I invented, for designing code, prior to actual coding. There was a floppy disk attached inside the back cover, with a Windows 32-bit application called "GOOFEE Diagrammer".

The book is out of print, however, used copies are available, for example at Amazon:

I received an email from Scott M., asking if I have the companion disk. Scott collects old books, and he has two copies of my book, without the floppy disk. I replied that around 2009, when I lived near the small town of Perenjori in Western Australia, my house was burgled, and my 4TB external backup drive was stolen, which had a lot of that old stuff in it. But, I told him that I would look and see if the companion disk is archived somewhere else, such as in a CD/DVD.

I have an old computer, with Cyrix 5x86 CPU, Zip-drive, and 20GB IDE hard drive, that was my main workhorse in 1999. I got rid of most of my old computers when left Perenjori, however hung onto that one. I did take a few things out of it at some time, so it no longer works. So, need to be able to access that old IDE drive, and I even found an old 100MB Zip disk, that I think has GOOFEE development on it.

So I bought one of these, for AU$28:


...the photo shows it plugged into my Zip drive. Note, it has a IDE power plug as well. On the right is the cable to the mains power adapter, and centre cable is the USB3 cable to the PC.

Unfortunately, my 100MB Zip disk doesn't work, Inserts OK, whirring sounds, but nothing more. The 20GB IDE HD works fine.

Yes, I found the companion disk, but also found the development files for "GOOSEE Diagrammer". GOOFEE is an acronym for "Graphical Object Orientation For Embedded Engineering". It is a GUI tool for designing a program, however, I realised that it also had the potential of also generating the code, as C code -- hence GOOSEE Diagrammer was born. GOOSEE is an ancronym for "Graphical Object Oriented Software Engineering Environment".

GOOFEE Diagrammer got mixed reviews. One guy thought that it was very useful for code design where he worked, and suggested an alternative acronym "Graphical Obfuscation Operation For Eternal Employment"!

Anyway, the C code generation part of it (introduced with GOOSEE Diagammer) never got publicly released. I lost interest, as I had moved onto "EVE"


"EVE" is an acronym for "Embedded Vector Editor", a general-purpose vector drawing application. See here (source code also available):

GOOSEE Diagrammer

This extension to GOOFEE Diagrammer, with generation of C code, never got released. I think that it reached version 1.4beta1, however, I can only find version 1.3 on my old 20GB IDE hard drive. I even installed 'testdisk' via the PPM, a file recovery tool, to no avail.

'goosee.exe' is a Win32 application, and still works in Windows 10.


What I found has now been uploaded. Here is an introduction:

Example from above link:


User manual:

Tarballs are available:

...the last one is the source code. GOOFEE and GOOSEE Diagrammer are written in assembly language, and require MASM, Microsoft's assembler, to compile. Which is free:

Useful links here:

Is GOOSEE Diagrammer actually useful as a code design and generation tool? Or just a novelty plaything? Perhaps it depends whether your brain is "graphics oriented" or "text oriented". I do recall for me at the time, I had decided that I preferred just to code directly, no need for an intermediate design phase -- but it might be different if more than one person is working on a project.  

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