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EasyOS Buster 2.6.1 released for x86_64 PC

January 30, 2021 — BarryK

EasyOS Buster-series 2.5.5 was released on December 24, 2020:

Here are the release notes for 2.6.1:

Download English, French, German and Norwegian (nb and nn) builds of 2.6.1:

Thanks to Jostein, we have Norwegian builds:

..they are completely untested, I haven't even booted them. So feedback is welcome. We should create a thread for this on the forum.

The jump from version 2.5.5 is misleading, as there haven't been many changes. The version number has been bumped up to match the Dunfell-series, as explained in the Dunfell 2.6.1 announcement here:


A little note about EasyOS image files. I have been communicating with someone who was having difficulty installing to hard drive, and found all the documentation confusing. Emails went to and fro, until I finally realised the fundamental problem. The person has a lot of Linux experience, but it has all been with ISO files. He thinks that booting up from a USB-stick is just like with an ISO, it is not installed, and an installer has to be run.

He was making statements like "It booted on the USB-stick, but it seems to have installed itself to the USB-stick and deleted the installer. How do I get the installer back?" -- which didn't make any sense to me. This is the ISO-centric mindset, that you have to wean yourself off.

An Easy image file, 'easy *.img.gz', is a hard drive image, for a complete drive, and when written to the drive, it will be already installed. No "installer" is required. The drive image file could be written to any drive, such as HDD or SSD, not only a USB-stick. The Easy drive image even has it's own boot manager, Refind for UEFI and Syslinux for BIOS.

Or, you can follow the simple instructions for a "frugal" install to a partition in HDD or SSD, documented online. You don't even have to be running EasyOS to do that, though it is simpler if you boot Easy first on a USB-stick, then do the frugal install.

Page with links to install tutorials: 

feedback is welcome on the forum: 

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