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Gpptp fixed

June 16, 2021 — BarryK

Gpptp is a GUI frontend created by forum member 'jafadmin' for the 'gpptp' utility, a PPTP VPN client. I posted about fixes in 2020:

However, forum member 'OscarTalks' has found some more issues:

We found that /etc/ppp/options.conf from the 'pptp-linux' package was replacing the same file in gpptp.

And, gpptp requires the actual 'yaf-splash' popup utility, a problem that was fixed a few days ago:

An historical note:
'yaf-splash' was used in early releases of Puppy, when we compiled all the packages in T2. The T2 project put X binary executables into /usr/X11R7/bin, and that was where 'yaf-splash' was.
Later on, when 'gtkdialog-splash' was written, it was placed at /usr/bin, and symlink /usr/bin/yaf-splash created to point to it.

An odd situation, and when the path /usr/X11R7 was dispensed-with, we dumped the original 'yaf-splash', and just had the symlink /usr/bin/yaf-splash to /usr/bin/gtkdialog-splash. Not sure what the latest situation is, with the mainline pups, but at one time, and it is still the situation in EasyOS, /usr/X11R7 still exists, but as a symlink to "." -- that is, /usr/X11R7/bin will resolve to /usr/bin.

Anyway, the bottom line is that cannot have two yaf-splash binaries, unless you keep the old separate path /usr/X11R7/bin or put it somewhere else not in $PATH.    

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