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Testing mk1 tent and wood stove

July 18, 2021 — BarryK

The ultralight (242g) TreeHugger 1P mark-1 tent is described in an earlier post:

The ultralight (55g) wood stove is described here:

Firstly, the stove. As reported in the above link, there is a review on Amazon, quoting:

The first burn was only 1/3 full of cedar twigs (not hotter burning hardwood), and before I could put on a small pot the inner supports warped and collapsed into the fire and the outer frame warped into an oval. The outer frame and inner supports are made from very thin titanium, almost identical to what I use for a windscreen with my micro alcohol stoves. The design is quite similar to the small Little Bug stove, which weighs 9 1/2 ounces. This one weighs just under 2 ounces (without the control slider) and is just too fragile to be a usable stove.

Yesterday, I tested it. Here it is, loaded with twigs, ready to go:


Ha ha, I can also confirm, it wasn't long before the pot-rest collapsed! And I didn't even have a pot on top. The titanium just warped and collapsed.

The two side-pieces were still OK. Looking at it today, yes, warped, but still usable. Something stronger is needed for the pot-rest, and something that will help the side-pieces to retain their shape.

Anyway, I boiled water by placing the pot directly onto the wood:


...that smoke is because the wood is damp. Made it hard to start the fire, but once going, OK, except got lots of smoke when added more twigs. The water boiled fast, had soup for lunch.

The tent, well, not much to say, easy to erect, just needed a convenient tree to tie it up in "tree hugger" mode:


And of course, one of the big features is the side entry:


Erection was straightforward -- staked out the four corners, then tied up the high-end to the tree, then inserted the short pole and staked it. Five stakes, but then a sixth for the side -- that sixth stake not essential.

Thinking about the height of the high-end, that was set by the length of my carbon-fibre pole, if it is to be erected without a tree. However, if that constraint was removed, no pole, then the high-end could be higher, which would give more head room inside. Will think about that.

You can see in the above photo, the usefulness of the tree as a back rest while inside the tent. Yes, that was the idea. Or, it could be a wall in a shelter.  

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