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Wood burning stove weighs only 55g

July 06, 2021 — BarryK

I posted about tiny wood-burning stoves for hiking and camping a few days ago:

Had one on order, it arrived today, this one:

Weight is advertised as 100g, very interesting design, though puzzling. Packs flat, which is what I want:


...26x12.7mm, a good size that will fit in my lumbar pack.

What you see in the above photo is 4 pieces, titanium, weighing 55g, but it also has something else, called a "dampener", thicker titanium, that weighs 44g:


This dampener and the size and placement of holes is perplexing. It seems from this photo that the fire is above the dampener:


...but, there isn't much room for a wood fire above the dampener.

I saw on a YouTube video, a guy stating that a Lixada folding stove is a cheap Chinese knock-off of a USA-made stove. Which got me wondering about this one. I came across this very concerning review on Amazon:

"It collapsed 5 minutes into the first burn"

That review mentioned that the Lixada stove is a copy of this one, made in the USA:, and


...weighs 145g and made of stainless steel, lots of good reviews. Note, doesn't have that dampener. Of course, a lot more expensive. Ah, there is a video review of the Littlebug Junior:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

So, the Lixada stove is a cheap knock-off, and apparently not a good one. There is that mysterious dampener, and a report that it collapses. Cannot find any more reviews. Ha, I see that the Littlebug design is patented, which may be why Lixada added that dampener thing, and an extra cutout at the top to feed in wood, to make it different. The review posted on Amazon doesn't bode well, but will take it on the next hike and attempt to use it.

I found an early video, made in 2015:

...and the original design does have that dampener. Interesting that they did away with it in the latest version.

EDIT 20210718:
This stove has its first test, report here:, apart from the collapsing pot stand, it is usable. That will be an interesting project, to design an alternative pot stand that will not collapse and will assist the side pieces to stay circular and not warp.   

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