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Bluez 5.62 compiled in OpenEmbedded

October 27, 2021 — BarryK

EasyOS 3.1 has package bluez5 version 5.54. There have been improvements since then, so I have compiled 5.62 in OE.

I have a patch that internationalizes the 'bluetoothctl' CLI utility, that I posted about last year:

I had to update that patch to work in 5.62. I am hoping that 'bluetoothd' is now more stable:

BluePup is a GUI wrapper around 'bluetoothctl':

Next up, thinking of doing a complete recompile in OE, bring back 'jack' support. Reason is, 'pipewire' can completely replace jack. So, build apps, such as mpv and audacious, with jack dependency, but at runtime use pipewire instead -- it has the libs that will replace jack.

I posted about bringing in jack support earlier this year (but later on removed it):

Contrary to some online reports, pipewire cannot replace pulseaudio. It can replace the pulseaudio daemon, but the pulseaudio libraries are still required.  

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