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New EasyJWM

April 22, 2023 — BarryK

Over the last couple of days, posted about new EasyApps and EasySetup:

These have replaced Roger's PupApps and PupControl.

Now it is the turn of JWMDesk, Roger's superb JWM window manager. Which I have kept, instead just cut it down to be only a JWM manager. JWMDesk does a whole lot more than just configure JWM, whereas I want each tool to have one purpose only.

I have named the cutdown derivative of JWMDesk as "EasyJWM". The main difference is seen in the "Desktop" tab:


Window tinting, time-sync and a whole lot of other things are removed from the Desktop tab, as that is the function of EasySetup.

I also removed the JWM theming in JWMDesk and reverted to the traditional theme selection, as can be seen in the above snapshot. However, included a button to trio's JWM theme creator. "JWM Theme Maker" featured in the old forum, but bigpup has introduced it in the new Puppy Forum:

...I am using version, not 2.2, but it seems to work OK.

Roger is acknowledged in the Help window:


Here are github commits:

Next, will add an entry into EasySetup to call EasyJWM. EDIT: OK, done:


Right, a small break, then onto the next item on the to-do list...     

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