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Idea for a stove windshield and stand

July 28, 2023 — BarryK

For many years have hiked with my great little titanium 1 litre cooking pot. However, to cook a hearty meal at end of a day of hiking, would prefer a slightly bigger size. So, have ordered a 1.3 litre pot. It is TOAKS brand, same as before, same height at 100mm, just a slightly bigger diameter:


Ordered it from here:

Then had some thoughts about the stove. My favourite stove is from Speedster Backpacking Products (SBP). Fantastic little stove. Purchased in 2021 and posted about it here:

To digress, over the years I have tested many ultra-light camping stoves. It was a thing with me, would see something new and had to test it. Here are some posts:

Back onto the SBP stove, it is great, but the tiny stand not so good:


Granted, it is very light, great for backpackers. However, I found it to be a bit tricky with a heavy pot on top, especially if the stand is sitting on soft ground.

Sometime hopefully not to far into the future I plan to tour with my recumbent trike, so extreme light weight is not so important. Want to keep that SBP stove, it is great, but can re-think the stand and windshield...

I'm planning to use a cheap aluminium camping pot as the windbreak and stand.

The plan is to drill a row of holes around the base of the aluminium pot, where the air gets drawn in. And remove the handles and dump the lid. The SBP stove will sit inside on the floor of the pot, and there there will be some brackets 45mm above the floor of the pot, on which the TOAKS pot can sit. Thus, the TOAKS stove will be nestled in the aluminium pot and there will be a chimney effect. The wind-shield and chimney-effect are key to the SBP stove working well.

This proposed design would be very stable, the main point of the exercise.

I have edited this post, removed some proposed details, as a bit premature. There are various ways this can be implemented, so better to do a later post with details after it is actually done.   

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