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EasyOS Dunfell-series 0.95 alpha release

October 24, 2020 — BarryK

Here is another iteration of EasyOS Dunfell-series, version 0.95.

Significant improvement this release is bluetooth support. I did a quick test with my Audiosonic BT speaker, a very nice experience connecting it. Basically, click on the Blueman applet in the tray, select "Search...", turn on my BT speaker, it gets found, choose "Connect" and it connects, and MSCW (Multiple Sound Card Wizard) pops up and allowed me to choose the BT speaker as default audio output.

I haven't tested whether the speaker reconnects after a reboot. One thing I recall from before, turning the speaker off then on again stuffs things up -- don't know if that has improved.

What should be fixed with 0.95 is transferring files from PC to phone using bluetooth. Running Blueman, search and find the phone, then can pair. Blueman has a "Send file..." choice, there is also a utility 'bluetooth-sendto' -- which is supposed to be in the menu, but isn't.

I haven't tested BT file transfer in 0.95 yet. I was playing with 0.94 and had it working, so hopefully still ok in the 0.95 build. Needs more development, want to make it very simple to send and receive files.


Here are earlier blog posts since 0.93:

Also, I have fixed Zarfy. The folder /usr/share/zarfy was missing. Zarfy is in the menu "Setup" category.

If you need it, how to write an image file to a USB-stick:

Feedback welcome at the forum: 

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