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EasyOS Dunfell-series 0.98 alpha released

November 08, 2020 — BarryK

The previous release in the Dunfell-series was 0.95, on October 24:

The Dunfell-series is experimental, using packages compiled from source in OE (OpenEmbedded). However, many developments in these alpha releases are generic, meaning that they will apply to all future builds of EasyOS and EasyPup. BluePup, the bluetooth manager, is an example.

Download 0.98 from here:

if you don't know how to write an image file to a USB Flash stick, read this:

The main reason that I have released 0.98 is to test BluePup, Recent posts have snapshots showing its usage:

I was also able to pair with my phone, and send a file to it.

I would like testers to try BluePup, discover any problems. Some notes:

  1. If you connect to, say, a mouse, there will then appear a "DISCONNECT" button. However, do not click it, as reconnecting can be troublesome. Instead, disconnect by powering-off the mouse. I do intend to put some advice into the GUI not to use the "DISCONNECT" button.
  2. I have only implemented sending a file to a phone, not receive a file. After having paired with a mobile phone, there is a "SEND FILE TO PHONE" button, and all that does is call the 'bluetooth-sendto' GUI utility, that is provided by the 'bluetooth-gnome' package. I do not, as yet, know anything about obex, but the intention is to implement receiving a file at some point in the future.

A further note about point-1. If you power-off the mouse, while BluePup is running, the GUI will auto-update, however for some unknown reason the kernel is very slow to discover when a bluetooth device has powered-off, and you might have to wait a minute before the GUI updates. If you turn the mouse back on, it should automatically reconnect and be immediately usable, and if BluePup is running, the GUI will automatically update, this time after only a few seconds.

I think that re-connect problems occur because most bluetooth devices these days are BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), including mice and keyboards. These "go to sleep" and 'bluetoothctl' utility cannot connect to them. However, powering it off then on will reconnect. I wonder if there is a "wake up" utility?

There is one mysterious issue, reported by 'banned' on the forum. An 'easy-*.img' file is not recognised as an EasyOS image file. What is supposed to happen, is you can click on it and open it up. What you have to do is load the 'devx' SFS, then run:

# update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

This is supposed to have happened when building in woofQ, but something is going wrong. I hope to fix that soon.

Testers welcome, the forum is here:

For anyone who might be interested in OpenEmbedded and how the Dunfell-series was created, read this old post:

And go here to get the latest 'dunfell' tarball (see also the 'readme.txt' file):  

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